Now Available! Supervision and Leadership

The majority of professionals, especially in human services, are promoted into supervisory or leadership positions with little or no training or preparation.  There is an assumption that, if an employee has performed will in a line position, she or he can easily move into the role of supervisor to those who are performing tasks with which she has experience.

In the world of overloads, understaffing and crisis management, there is little time to prepare a person for management.  However, supervision and leadership should not be left to on-the-job training because they require a definite, discreet set of skills that are very different from direct service delivery.  This DVD provides down to earth instructions on those critical skills.

Included in the DVD are:
  • Functions of Supervision
  • Characteristics of a Good Leader
  • Behaviors of a Effective Leader
  • Practical Suggestions for Day-to-Day Supervision

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