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“Celebrating the Uniqueness of Each Family”

                        EVERY family has a special flavor and personality of its own.  Our goal as a community must be to rejoice in the individuality of each family, support and build on its strengths, and commit ourselves to meeting the needs that it may have.


“The Community as Extended Family”

                        There is a “community conscience” that binds us together and changes our human climate.  This feeling or commitment to others always begins with one person and then another, building into a consensus of caring.  This keynote honors this commitment.


Renewing Our Commitment: Seeing the Hard Work with New Eyes”

                        With the demands of increasing reports, more seriously impaired families, shrinking resources, and “doing more with less”, it is necessary to examine our work and ourselves with a different perspective, indeed a different standard.  This keynote will be an encouragement to all personnel, regardless of area of responsibility, to redefine their personal goals and recommit themselves to the work.  All staff, from the new “spit and vinegar” workers to those whose years have left them faint and weary of  heart, can benefit from a realistic and confirming discussion of their roles in providing services to families and children.


“Teaching from the Heart: The Challenge of Education”

          With a push to raise test scores, stop school violence, and keep kids in school to graduation, educators find themselves in a new position of character parent.  This role requires us to teach and nurture what John  Dewey called “the whole child” in a way that he probably never envisioned.  This keynote will focus our attention on the fact that the presence of empathy in the lives of all children may be the critical element for our overall success in education.  Research is identifying the school as a major “protector” for children, and success may depend on our ability to respond.


“Tears, Time and Laughter: The Formula for Families”

            Looking at “family” with new eyes, we must search for its meaning in a new century.  Have the basic elements of strong families changed, or do we need to look to the past for guidance in building healthy families?


“Building on Our Personal Strengths as Parents”

            The most important person in a child’s life is his parent or parents.  Sometimes parents think they have lost their children to their peer group or TV, but they haven’t.  Parents need to recognize their importance to their children and be encouraged to use this natural relationship to be successful.  Each family is unique and special, and this individuality can be the strength of our parenting.  We can build on what we have learned from the past, but continue to learn, always trying to do a better job as parents.



            Other Keynote Titles used for a presentation geared to celebrate the work of strengthening families and making children safe:


            “Looking at Family Through the Eyes of a Child”

            “Saving the World One Child At a Time”

            “Seeing Every Child As a New Family: Working Together to Change the Future”