Parenting From the Heart

A complete instructional package for:  Early childhood teachers, home visitors, parent educators and other professionals working with parents of young children.

“Parenting From the Heart” is a user-friendly package for professionals, home visitors, parent support personnel and early childhood teachers who are required to teach parents basic skills and concepts that promote healthy family functioning.  The material and curriculum were created by Naomi Haines Griffith who has traveled this country for over 15 years working with such groups as Head Start, Healthy Families America, Healthy Start, child care providers and early childhood education.   

      The package includes: 

      •a 15-minute DVD with an introduction to the series by Naomi

      •three 40-minute DVD’s supporting three teaching modules:

            Building an Emotionally Healthy Family:  Offers common sense, down-to-earth suggestions that all parents can understand and apply in their daily routines that will strengthen family relationships and promote emotional health in children.  

            Encouraging Children to Care About Others:  Gives parents an understanding of why empathy is important, and provides practical ideas, suggestions, activities and behaviors that parents can use to promote empathy in their children.

            Positive Discipline: Encouraging Self-Control:  Offers parents an understanding of the goals of discipline along with a 1-2-3 approach to setting boundaries for themselves and their children.

      •video instructions by Naomi for the teachers on how to use the material in working with parents

      •a written curriculum for the teachers to use with parents after viewing each DVD

      •handouts for parents 

      You will use this product over and over again.  It is a tool that you will be happy to have available as you do the important work of helping young parents raise their children to be emotionally healthy, caring adults.

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Watch part of Naomi's introduction to the series: