Building Healthy Families   (42 minutes)     Add to Cart   $10.00

Using the general characteristics of families that “work” or what we may consider healthy, Naomi discusses and gives examples of strategies to promote these in a family unit.  It would be helpful to professionals in their work with families, but it would also be very helpful for parents to use as reinforcement.

Parenting the Angry Child   (53 minutes)    Add to Cart  $10.00 

This tape discusses the nature and value of anger, why and how we need it, and then examines positive ways for parents to not only deal with anger in themselves and children, but how to harness this anger constructively.  The presentation works well as reference material for all professionals and parents.

Taking the Hassle out of Homework   (51 minutes)    Add to Cart  $10.00       

Developed especially for parents, this tape makes very practical suggestions to help parents become a part of the child’s home learning process as well as reinforce the efforts of teachers.  Used by both the school and home, this tape can reduce the stress and frustration normally associated with the homework experience.

Promoting Positive Self-Esteem: Confirmation and Validation   (46 minutes)   Add to Cart  $10.00   

This tape examines the use of encouragement as well as other strategies in building a sense of self-worth in children.  The presentation seeks to promote positive self-image as a means to educational success and emotional health in children.

Empathic Relationships: Feeling the Joy and Pain of Others    (48 minutes)    Add to Cart  $10.00 

Empathy is the concept that is primary to the protection of children and the development of nurturing relationships with parents and other significant adults such as teachers.  Empathy is key to the feeling of security and communication that underlies overall mental and emotional development in children.

Positive Discipline: Encouraging Self-Control   (44 minutes)    Add to Cart  $10.00  

This tape is a practical discussion of the meaning of discipline, the commonly accepted types of discipline, and a challenge to think of discipline in the context of “self-control.”  It includes a list of suggestions or strategies that will promote the small voice of control that is key to success for children and adults.  The overall goal of this discussion is to encourage parents to use positive approaches within an empathic relationship.

Stress Management: Getting the Most Out of Your Job While Saving Yourself  (47 minutes)  Add to Cart  $10.00 

Using practical suggestions and humor, this tape is a discussion for all professionals.  It  doesn’t deal with heart rates, time management schedules, but does, however, encourage a different attitude and perception of self and work.

Working Smart (49 minutes)  Add to Cart  $10.00  

Since work is a vital part of our lives, we must reevaluate our approach to work, our responsibility for our own satisfaction, as well as the  emotional tools necessary to be successful and happy in our work setting.  This tape identifies approaches in addition to our professional knowledge and skills that allow us to work smart. 

Supervision and Leadership (44 minutes)  Add to Cart  $10.00  

Quality supervision is the key to retaining good workers, yet most people receive little training on what it takes to be an effective supervisor.  This tape looks at the five facets of supervision, but couches the discussion in a close look at current thought about leadership, which is the intangible factor we usually overlook.